TestExpert is a Universal Windows Program (UWP) that can be installed on any Windows 10 operating system that runs on a device with a 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64) or ARM processor architecture.
To create and edit test scenarios and messages a laptop or desktop would be the ideal platform but, if there is a need to run the app on tablet-size devices then that will also work. Productivity will be minimal however with yet smaller devices such as Windows 10 smartphones because of the display size.

How to install?

Being a UWP app TestExpert must be installed through the Windows Store. Click or touch the Install menu button on the top of this web page. This brings you in the Windows Store where you can install the app.


Unless you disable "Update apps automatically" in your Windows Store "Settings" a new version of TestExpert will automatically be installed at some point in time when it becomes available.